Is it possible that Law, a discipline comprising 'social pathology' and epitomising seriousness, has vestiges of humour? Nothing can resist the comic: jurists are often the objects of jokes and malice and far from taking offence, themselves propagate them. Considering here Law, pragmatically, as everything related to legal, judicial, or administrative institutions and defining as humour every critical/ironical manifestation terminating in a smile or laughter, the paper attempts to exemplify this unsuspected relationship in forensic stories, jokes about lawyers, and the presence of humour in doctrine, in law and in the university. The comic in law constitutes an escape valve for aridity, tedium and the tyranny of fact. But it is also recuperated by the system, which transmutes the elements of satire or parody into serious objects, by incorporating them as symbols that the dominant discourse will legitimate and sacralize.

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