Abstract : Two studies are presented about love attitudes in this work. In the first study was examined to what extent Lee's six-factor colors of love' model was able to account for data gathered in Portugal. Confirmatory factor analyses showed that the structure postulated by Lee and measured by Hendrick, Hendrick, and Dicke (1998) was generalizable to Portugal. The results demonstrated a remarkable cross-cultural similarity in the development and response to the two new short forms of the LAS, one with 4-item and one with 3 item subscales. In the second study the perceived traits associated with different love attitudes were examined using the Portuguese version of the Love Attitudes Scale as stimulus material for the expression of six love styles. One group of subjects was asked to generate descriptive personality traits for six target persons, each of whom represented one of the six love attitudes. A second group rated the importance of the various traits for describing a particular target person. The target persons representing the different love attitudes were perceived quite differently