Abstract: Development, education and values are key-concepts in any pedagogical process. Everyone assumes that schools exist to educate people, that there is much to be gained if the education is thought in terms of development, and that educating children for values, namely those ones related to others rights and needs, even constitutes a basic moral injunction. My presentation will be divided in the parts. First, I identify some biases or traps that very often pervade the education for values, namely the ones focused on moral issues. Second, I claim that a developmentally oriented-education presents several benefits when compared to other educational frameworks. And, finally, I made several simple, concrete suggestions, which may be of help to teach parents and teachers how to educate children and youth in terms of development. In spite of basing my talk on developmental research, for the sake of simplicity I do not resort do tabular asterisks and statistical analyses when I appeal to such kind of research.