Abstract: The domain of the studies on the alcohol is not a new area of the psychological investigation. With effect, in the last 50 years a vast literature has been produced about the alcoholism. However, one has only more recently been manifesting a growing interest for the excessive consumption of alcohol in the adolescence. This interest cannot be dissociated of the facto of having register, in a great number of countries, a clear increase of the use of alcohol in this age group and of recognizing that the dependence in relation to this substance is acquired more quickly than in the adult population, being equally its effects more noxious. Although the heredity can be a factor to have in bill in certain cases of alcoholism, the studies that approach the excessive consumption of alcohol in the adolescence they emphasize, in a general way, other determinant, as the socialization process, enhancing, above all, the impact of the family and of the group of pairs or some psychological characteristics associated to a consumption of this type.